19-69 Swedish Niche Perfume Discovery Kit Arrives in Canada

Swedish niche perfumery brand 19-69 has launched a discovery kit in Canada featuring seven of its most popular fragrances worldwide.

If you are looking to discover some really unique, interesting fragrances, Swedish niche perfumery brand 19-69 is for you. Founder Johan Bergelin sources the finest quality ingredients in the world then carefully layers them into complex, nuanced and character-filled scents for him and her. He could be the next great perfumer thanks to his fearless approach to pairing unexpected notes in perfect balance. He’s close friends with Byredo founded Ben Gorham.

We’re thrilled that Johan has shipped his Eau de Parfum Discovery Kit to Canada showcasing seven truly special scent. You’ll find a 2.5 ml vial of: Purple Haze, Capri, Kasbah, Rainbow Bar, L’Air Barbes, Invisible Post and La Habana. Each evokes the spirit and mood of a particular time and place.

Scent: 19-69 Capri

This fresh light citrus-inspired scent for him or her is inspired by Villa Malaparte and the 1963 film Le Mépris which was filmed on the picturesque island of Capri. Notes of sweet and bitter orange swirl with fragrant ylang-ylang oil and white musk to beautiful effect

Scent: 19-69 Purple Haze

This deep, captivating and quirky fragrance for him or her celebrates the hippie movement and counterculture. Just like John and Yoko’s bed-ins in Amsterdam and Montreal, as well as the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Purple Haze sets the ambience for 19-69

Scent: 19-69 Kasbah

This smooth, warm woody-spicy scent for him or her was inspired by the colourful and creative party scene of Marrakesh during the 1960s and 1970s. It blends comforting amber and sandalwood with a taste of white honey.

Scent: 19-69 Rainbow Bar

This rich, sexy scent for him or her is evocative of the 1980s glamrock era in L.A. and the music scent and lifestyle of the U.S. West Coast during the 1960s and 1970s. It reflects elements of sun, blue skies and the warm glow that is L.A.

Scent: 19-69 L’Air Barbès

L’Air Barbès is a cold, light and fresh scent for him or her that is a tribute to the city of Paris, capital de la mode. Evocative of Paris’ different personas such as concrete alleyways, le banlieue and the area of Barbès – Rochechouart.

Scent: 19-69 Invisible Post

This lively woody scent for him or her was inspired by the Summer of Love and the hippie trails of the 1960s. Ideas on the next hotspot or music festival were shared within the hippie community by The Invisible Post.

Scent: 19-69 La Habana

19-69 La Habana is an aromatic-smoky scent for him or her based on a sailor’s reminiscence of Cuba before the revolution. The scent shines a light on the island’s golden musical era between the 1930s and 1950s.

The 19-69 Fragrance Discovery Kit is available at select Hudson’s Bay stores and for $45.

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  • Angela Citrigno
    February 3, 2022 at 10:42 pm

    I love the idea of a fragrance discovery kit. A great way to sample many fragrances and then choose the one or more that you love. I love that each fragrance has a theme and story. One of my favourite albums to listen to back in 1970 was Woodstock Live. Thanks for taking me back to that era. The 70’s was sex, drugs and rock in roll.

  • September Dee
    February 1, 2022 at 10:20 am

    These scents all sound worthy of a try. Love the idea of a discovery kit that takes me to different places and times. So smart!