4 Grand Floral Scents

4 Grand Floral Scents

4 grand floral fragrances
4 grand floral fragrances

In the art of fine perfumery, grand floral fragrances hold a place of great honour. That’s because these perfumes have played an essential role in fragrance creation for centuries. Perfumers approach creating a grand floral perfume much like a composer writes a symphony. These are fragrances that tell a story through the deliberate choice of flowers and ingredients. Dramatic and romantic, jasmine and tuberose fill a room with their sweet scent. Rose adds a sense of elegance while lily of the valley, used sparingly, contributes a warm, earthy floral note. A good quality grand floral scent reveals its character over time with bold notes and subtle aromas – just like a wonderful piece of music does.

The grand floral fragrance owes its popularity to royal feasts throughout Europe and the Middle East. Kings and queens would instruct their gardeners and staff to create mammoth floral arrangements in the dining rooms to impress their guests. The scent of rose, lily and jasmine would waft throughout the room and halls creating a festive mood. Perfumers would then work to capture this magic fragrance in their scented oils.

Today’s modern grand floral scents capture this sense of drama and performance. White flowers are blended with warm sandalwood, a hint of citrus and a dash of spice.

The result is a romantic fragrance that envelopes the wearer throughout the day and evening. Here are four of our very favourite grand floral scents.

Donatella Versace has created one of the most impressive grand floral scents of modern time with her Versace Eros Pour Femme eau de parfum. She blends fine quality sambac jasmine absolute, jasmine infusion and peony like she is designing an haute couture wedding gown. This is a bold white floral that makes a statement. The jasmine is balanced nicely with fresh Sicilian lemon and Calabrian bergamot. Smooth sandalwood gives it longevity. This is a floral fragrance that will be appreciated for years to come.

Roman jewellery Bvlgari is a favourite of brides thanks to its exquisite craftsmanship and sly use of coloured gems. This sophisticated floral deftly layers jasmine, rose, rose leaf, lily of the valley and Bulgarian rose much like a wedding bouquet. The perfumer has managed the difficult task of balancing each note perfectly like a symphony.

Atkinsons Rose in Wonderland

Tour England’s Hampton Court gardens and you’ll be romanced by the aroma from the walled rose gardens. The aroma is mesmerizing. British niche perfumer Atkinsons captures this essence with its Rose in Wonderland fragrance. It combines rose dew, blackcurrant bud, geranium and Centifolia Rose to fine effect. The choice of a little crystal amber gives the composition a modern twist.

Bvlgari Le Gemme Desiria

True perfume enthusiasts will appreciate Bvlgari’s premium Le Gemme collection of luxurious fragrances. Perfumers search for the absolute finest flower harvests around the world and then spend months carefully blending them into remarkable eau de parfums. Desiria is a hidden gem with

Magnolia flower essence, jasmine absolute, tuberose absolute, rose petals, musk and a little mandarin from Italy. It’s a very complex composition that only the very best skilled perfumers could pull off.

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