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Best Workplace Scents 2023

Best Workplace Fragrances 2023

Best workplace fragrances 2023
Best workplace fragrances 2023

What are the best fragrances to wear in the workplace in 2023? It’s a question scent enthusiasts across the country are asking themselves as they move post-pandemic and return to office buildings after working remotely for 36 months. One of the most interesting and unexpected phenomena that emerged during the pandemic was the massive increase in fragrance sales. Fragrance houses were shocked to see double-digit sales of designer and niche fragrances for both men and women that continue today. Canadians have gone crazy for fragrances of all styles and characters. And the stronger the better. Parfums and elixirs with 20 to 30% concentrations are selling best at retail.

Of course, this trend to stronger, long-lasting fragrances creates a dilemma for the workplace. Just what should you wear? Scent Lodge asked resident national fragrance trainer Melanie Caplan to share her insight and knowledge on the subject. Her selections may surprise you.

National Fragrance Trainer Melanie Caplan
National Fragrance Trainer Melanie Caplan

“Whenever I talk about fragrance and the workplace, I start with a single question: how do you want your fragrance to make you feel?” she says. “You want to select a scent that will evoke a specific emotion without being intrusive to your work colleagues.” That is the key to wearing perfume at work. You want to be able to enjoy the fragrance without it being overwhelming to co-workers. Here is a selection of sophisticated and beautifully-crafted fragrances for her and him that are subtle and refined. These are light enough to work in any office environment.

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

“When I was first asked this question, the very first fragrance I thought of was Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline. Undeniably pure, bright, easygoing and lighthearted, Omnia Crystaline evokes freshness, delicacy and femininity with a touch of sensuality. Whenever I work in a store, this is a scent that appeals to absolutely everyone. It’s so light and fresh – always a top choice to help keep you smell and feel great under pressure.”

Fragrance Description: This gentle and airy floral for her was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas who was inspired by the perfection of crystal. He blends soft bamboo, smooth nashi fruit, lotus blossom and woods. It’s subtle, clean and comforting.

Made in Italy. Award-winning scent.

Scent Style: an airy floral scent for her

Key ingredients: bamboo, nashi, fleur de lotus, musk, guaiac wood

“When in doubt, reach for a citrus-based eau de toilette for the office. These fresh, light scents appeal to the widest number of people.” – Workplace Fragrance Rule

Versace Bright Crystal

“Forever feminine and yet softly making a statement, Bright Crystal is a sparkling floral inspired by Donatella Versace’s favourite blooms. Crisp Italian citrus and fruity notes with soft musks create a fragrance that is refreshing, warm, sensual and soothing. Take a breath!” This is a global bestseller that appeals to all ages and tastes.

Fragrance Description: Master perfumer Alberto Morillas skillfully blends juicy pomegranate and refreshing yuzu citrus with delicate floral notes of magnolia, peony and lotus to beautiful effect. He then adds amber and smooth mahogany to warm the scent and give it a chic and elegant dry down. This light floral scent is ideal for daytime wear.

Made in Italy. Award-winning scent.

Scent Style: fresh & light fruity-floral for her

Key ingredients: pomegranate, yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), iced accord, magnolia, lotus, vegetal amber, peony, musk, mahogany

“Remember, two spritzes maximum for the workplace.” – Workplace Fragrance Rule

Bvlgari Allegra Fiori d’Amore and Musk Magnifying Essence

“Here is a fragrance combination that is totally unique and perfect for the creative workplace as you create your own fragrance with the Allegra collection. Fiori d’Amore [ flowers of love] is a modern, delicate and tender bouquet that has a transparent fruity fresh feeling …. revealing a soft floral bouquet butwhen combined with musk magnifying essence you are adding a touch that is soft and caressing. You can start your day with one and add in more emotion to suit your mood,” says Caplan.

Fragrance Description: Bvlgari Allegra Fiore d’Amore is a magnificent rose-themed floral scent that captures the thrill of receiving a giant bouquet of roses. “It is a red rose – fresh, velvety, fruity,” says perfumer Jacques Cavalier.

Made In Italy.

Key Ingredients: Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, raspberry

“Opt for lighter scent concentrations for the office. Eau de toilette and eau de parfum are ideal. Save the elixirs and parfums for evening.” – Workplace Fragrance Rule

19-69 Capri

“Who doesn’t want to feel as if you are on a sun-soaked terrace off the coast of Italy while in reality it is a gloomy day outside? 19-69 capri will take you there on an exquisite olfactive journey that features blooming orange trees, soft florals and gentle musks. The scent is edgy, fresh, modern light and comforting. I describe it as sparkling water, a chunk of ice with a slice of Italian lemon.”

Fragrance Description: This fresh light citrus-inspired scent for him or her is inspired by Villa Malaparte and the 1963 film Le Mépris which was filmed on the picturesque island of Capri. Notes of sweet and bitter orange swirl with fragrant ylang-ylang oil and white musk to beautiful effect. Capri is the creation of Swedish designer/photographer/artist Johan Bergelin who launched his own niche perfumery brand in 2017. He worked for a full twenty-four months with artists and experts around the world to perfect his first five scents which sold out in minutes upon their launch. Buzz spread so quickly on social media that he was swamped with requests around the world for his rich, layered an unique fragrances.

Made in Italy.

Scent Style:  a light citrus scent for him or her

Key ingredients: sweet orange, ylang ylang extra oil, bitter orange, white musk, mandora, camomile, cardamom, pink pepper, Sichuan pepper, juniper berry, mandarine oil, galbanum, jasmine alcoolat, Osmanthus alcoolat, orris, ambroxan, angelica seed

Coach Wild Rose

“When you feel like something delicate, yet warm reach for this creation. Coach Wild Rose evokes the feeling that you are surrounded by a meadow full of wildflowers in particular the wild rose. It offers a surprising warmth released by notes of amber and addictive gourmands to bring pleasure and contentment.”

Fragrance Description: Coach Wild Rose is a modern fruity-floral scent for her that blends crisp red currant and fresh bergamot citrus with delicate wild rose, jasmine and tonka bean. It’s bright and optimistic with a romantic character

Coach Wild Rose
Coach Wild Rose

Scent Style: a modern fruity-floral scent for her

Key ingredients: Red currant, bergamot, wild rose, jasmine sambac, ambroxan, moss, tonka bean

Best workplace fragrances 2023
Best workplace fragrances 2023

Best Workplace Scents for Him 2023

A great fragrance can offer a man confidence, style and character. And it can send a subtle message of refinement and accomplishment. Here are Melanie’s three top office scents for guys.

Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette

“Confident, charismatic and elegant …. a perfect combination for a professional work environment. Understated luxury is Montblanc’s specialty and this fresh, aromatic, woody fragrance delivers on all levels. Heads will turn in a very discreet fashion.”

Fragrance Description: Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette is an aromatic-fougere fragrance for him composed by renowned perfumer Olivier Pescheux. He creates a rich and complex scent by handpicking ingredients such as lemon verbena, red apple, pineapple and geranium. It’s a scent with character that changes as it dries down on skin and slowly reveals its notes

Scent Style: an aromatic-fougere fragrance for him

Key ingredients: lavender, pineapple, bergamot, lemon verbena, red apple, dried fruits, oakmoss, geranium, coumarin, rose, tonka bean, sandalwood

Bvlgari Le Gemme Tygar

“Everyone will be asking “who smells so good “when you wear this high perfumery fragrance to work …. even you will be asking yourself! Bursting, bright and yet contrasting created using the highest quality raw materials in a new and sublime way. (Women can wear this one too.) Tygar is a global bestseller and is worn by many of the world’s most successful businessmen.

Made in Italy.

Fragrance Description: This citrus-aromatic-woody scent blends notes of grapefruit, ambroxan and smooth woods. It’s fresh and masculine.

Scent Style: an aromatic-citrus woody fragrance for him

Key ingredients: grapefruit, amboxan, smooth woods

Coach Open Road

“We all daydream a little whilst at work about breaking from routine and going on a trip! Look no further as the open road can come to you. Aromatic, energizing, attractive and inspiring, Open Road brings to mind open spaces, freedom, and adventure.”

Fragrance Description: Coach Open Road is woody-aromatic fragrance for him that captures the freedom of a road trip with friends. It features a trio of contrasting notes: energizing Sichuan Pepper, soothing lavender and masculine vetiver. There’s a sophistication to this composition – an elegance in how the ingredients are layered.

Coach Open Road
Coach Open Road

Scent Style: a woody-aromatic fragrance for him

Key ingredients: Sichuan pepper, lavender, vetiver

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  • Dawn Purcell-Musgrave
    May 20, 2023 at 6:52 pm

    This is a fantastic article. Now to get the co-workers to read it…. I love all of the scents listed. Nice an light and airy.

  • Liz Howatd
    May 19, 2023 at 4:41 pm

    I definitely love Omnia Crystalline, one of my favourites!

  • Linda L
    May 17, 2023 at 10:14 am

    A variety of fragrances to choose for the workplace. 2 spritz rule important! Always be conscious of those who can’t handle fragrances.

  • Somia
    May 15, 2023 at 3:09 pm

    Great article!! I need to smell Omnia & 19-69 capri. I’ve had my eye on 19-69 for a while. Love the 2 spritz guideline for work❤️

  • Daniela Sborlini
    May 15, 2023 at 11:57 am

    Some of my absolute favorites

  • September Dee
    May 15, 2023 at 11:03 am

    Definitely Omnia Crystalline. 😍 This is one if my favourite scents.

    May 15, 2023 at 9:32 am

    Love this article