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Does Your Fragrance Match Your Fashion Style?

Does your fragrance match your fashion style?

does your fragrance match your fashion style?
does your fragrance match your fashion style?

Do some fragrances complement specific fashion designs? It’s a question that few of us stop to consider. But fragrance and perfume act as a silent accessory that makes a big contribution to any fashionable look. Our sense of smell is highly tuned to our environment and we are constantly getting messages and information about what is around us. We make connections between what we see and what we smell.

Does your fashion match your fragrance?
Does your fashion match your fragrance?

Psychology of fashion trends: tropical prints, dots, metallics and stripes.

To help us better understand how fashion interacts with scent, Scent Lodge has identified four key style trends: tropical prints, dots, metallics and stripes. And we’ve picked fragrances that we think work seamlessly with the outfits.

Trend 1: Tropical Prints

This season’s biggest fashion trend is bold tropical prints. Think vibrant green palm leaves, winding vines and colourful parrots. These dresses express a sense of adventure, a taste for the exotic. So a fragrance that contains tropical or green notes will add character to the look.

The Scent of Tropical Prints

This clean citrus-aromatic fragrance for her or him was created by Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena to relax and soothe guests at Bvlgari’s luxury resorts and spas. He skillfully blends notes of green tea, refreshing bergamot, beeswax, Bulgarian rose, coriander, cardamom, oakmoss and sandalwood. The result is a calming, gentle scent.

If you love vacationing in the tropics or dreaming of vacationing in the tropics, Versace’s Dylan Turquoise is the scent for you. This fresh and light fruity-floral scent for women blends notes of Primofiore lemon, Italian mandarin from Sicily with jasmine petals & freesia. But it is the juicy guava notes that wrap around the white flowers and woods that gives it a fresh, delicious character. Donatella Versace describes it as an escape to faraway islands where the blue sky meets crystal waters. It’s a fragrance blended to remind you of warm sun and summer days. Even better, it comes in a scented hair mist that promises long wear.

Ingredients: Primofiore lemon, Italian mandarin, pink peppercorn, guava juice, jasmine petals, freesia, vibrant woods, white musk & Clearwood.

This modern fruity-green floral scent for her or him blends notes of raspberry, apricot, white peony and jasmine absolute with hints of vanilla, sandalwood and violet leaf. It achieves a perfect balance between floral, fresh fruit and smooth woody notes. Contemporary and stylish. It’s the violet leaf note that gives this fragrance a slightly green character like walking through a tropical garden shaded by huge palm trees.

Ingredients: raspberry, apricot, white peony, jasmine absolute, violet leaf, white moss, vanilla, ambrox and sandalwood.

Trend 2: Dots

From Moschino to Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera, dots popped up on dresses, t-shirts and handbags. The motif was a favourite of Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and even Karl Lagerfeld. Flirty, feminine attitude and carefree! When wearing polka dots look for a fragrance that doesn’t take itself too seriously. You want an eau de parfum or eau de toilette with a little character.

The Scent of Polka Dots

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum is a sexy fruity-chypre fragrance for her created by Master Perfumer Olivier Polge. He blends fresh notes of pear and mandarin orange with orchid and green ingredients. A kick of toffee and patchouli gives it sex appeal. As sexy as a Jimmy Choo stiletto.

Ingredients: pear, mandarin orange, green notes, orchid, toffee, pachouli

This gentle and airy floral for her was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas who was inspired by the perfection of crystal. He blends soft bamboo, smooth nashi fruit, lotus blossom and woods. It’s subtle, clean and comforting.

Trend 3: Metallics

Futuristic, confident, and a little mysterious. Silver, gold and copper metallic fabrics glided down the catwalk reflecting light and demanding attention. These are fashions for extroverts. Pairing a fragrance with metallics demands a little glamour. You want a fragrance that causes people to notice when you walk by.

The Scent of Metallics

This woody-ambery fragrance fo him or her features notes of absinthe, nutmeg, iris, cocoa bean, sage, ambrox, vetiver and styrax. It’s rich and sexy and has an incredible drydown. Notice the gold gilded bottle. Each bottle is hand decorated with real gold in an artisanal studio near Florence. Talk about making an olfactory entrance to any room!

Moschino Toy 2 is a refreshing floral-woody-musky scent for her. It was created by perfumers Fabrice Pellegrin and Alberto Morilla who make an impressive first impression with a burst of juicy mandarin orange and crisp apple notes. They then blend in magnolia, peony, jasmine with a little white currant for interest. Sandalwood, amberwood and musk create a soft base. It’s as light and fresh as a spring day!

Trend 4: Stripes

Striped fashions are all about order, symmetry and balance. Whether wearing a striped suit, a zigzag jacket or lined sweater, fashionistas who love stripes like their look clean and organized. So it is the same with their scents. The notes need to be balanced perfectly – not too overpowering or too floral. These fragrances need to be subtle and understated.

As refreshing as diving into a turquoise swimming pool on a hot summer’s day, this modern aquatic cologne for him or her is a refreshing blend of juniper, calone (a fresh air accord), smooth Virginian cedar, patchouli and labdanum. Best worn while sipping and gin & tonic.

Ingredients: calone, juniper, Virginian cedar, patchouli heart, labdanum

This fresh, citrus-aquatic-aromatic scent for men blends notes of Italian mandarin, ocean wave accord, geranium, lavender and rosemary needles – all inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and sea. It’s ideal for anyone who likes a light, clean fragrance. Acclaimed perfumer Christophe Raynaud is known for his skill at blending citrus with fresh aromatic notes.

Ingredients: sparkling citrus, Italian mandarin, blue wave accord, Egyptian geranium, clary sage, lavender spikes & flowers, rosemary needles, oak moss, patchouli, Haitian vetiver and blue vanilla orchid.

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  • LInda L
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