Flowerpaedia: 1000 Flowers & Their Meanings



1,000 flowers and their meanings

When you look at the 500 natural raw materials and 2500 synthetic ingredients (inspired by nature) in a perfumer’s palette, the notes that stand out the most in any formula are the flowers. A truly great perfume expresses the beauty and elegance of a bouquet of flowers at their peak grandeur. In fact, perfumers will spend weeks combining rose, ylang ylang, peony, jasmine and tuberose notes until they get the perfect ratio. More than a few legendary noses have described their scents as a majestic bouquet of flowers that lasts for years in a bottle. It really is an art that celebrates flowers.

Author Cheralyn Darcey

“I am a passionate gardener and lifetime student of ethnobotany, the exploration of the relationship between people and plants,” she writes in her fascinating book Flowerpaedia. “What I have learned is that our botanical friends are very happy living their own lives, but they do connect with us and interact with us because we share the same ecosystem. A very positive additional layer to this relationship for us is that we may find personal assistance with healing, emotional support, physical nourishment and connections, which are tied to our spiritual beliefs.”

She says our choice of favourite flowers is important to consider as each has distinct meaning and personality. Throughout history, certain flowers have represented emotions and marked occasions. Take the rose for example. In most cultures around the globe, the rose represents love, romance and passion. This is why you see so many special ‘rose editions’ at your favourite fragrance retailer and online. The rose has universal meaning.

In the book Flowerpaedia, Cheralyn comprehensively researches 1,000 flowers thereby creating an A-Z reference guide. Think of her as a botanical explorer unearthing interesting facts and stories of your favourite blooms. Not only does she outline what each flower means – emotionally, spiritually and symbolically, but she shows how we can work with a myriad of flowers to achieve balance, calm or healing in our lives, homes and gardens. She even includes an index of each flower’s precise botanical name for easy and exact indentification.


The fragrance enthusiast will discover new meaning and context behind the flower he or she most loves. It’s a charming resource written by a passionate gardener.

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  • Cindy Sacks
    September 22, 2023 at 2:06 pm

    This would make a lovely gift for almost everyone! (myself included) @cindy_sacks

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    September 18, 2023 at 7:50 am

    Fascinating book. I love to learn about the world of flowers. @BrendaECoventry

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    September 15, 2023 at 10:11 am

    Such a lovely book