Guess What Scent This Ring Inspired?

Guess what scent this ring inspired?

It’s always fascinating to hear what inspired a favourite fragrance and its unique bottle design. The backstory can make a scent even more special when you learn the passion and love that went into a new perfume. Few people know exactly how much effort and time goes into creating a modern fragrance.

You may be surprised to learn that it is often the bottle design that comes before the actual scent is composed. It can take flacon designers and engineers two-to-five years to sketch an initial concept, build a prototype and then test it to ensure it will stand up to global shipping. Often, a design needs to be reworked to make it stronger and stable. Perhaps a cardboard sleeve needs to be added to the box to protect the bottle in the box. And sometimes the proportions of the bottle need to be tweaked to fit into the retailer display shelves. It’s a very technical and detailed process.

Fashion designers and perfumers take inspiration from a myriad of places, items and even experiences. Take this yellow-and-pink diamond ring from Fred Leighton for example. It’s a multi-faceted diamond with a vibrant yellow hue that dazzles in the light. The diamond sits on a gold and diamond encrusted base crafted in an antique style. Have you guessed what fragrance it inspired?

versace yellow diamond
versace yellow diamond

Versace Yellow Diamond

“Gianni taught me to have an appreciation of the craftsmanship of classic pieces,” she told InStyle magazine. “Modern jewelry rarely has the same kind of drama. The best thing about jewelry is that it never wears out – unlike some other loves. You can treasure it forever.”

Donatella showed this priceless ring to her perfumer in 2010 with the idea of using it as the inspiration for a new women’s fragrance. The ring was a present from her beloved late brother Gianni for all her help building the fashion business. Donatella was instrumental in convincing the world’s top supermodels to walk the Versace catwalk and to appear in ad campaigns causing a global sensation.

You’ll notice the faceted yellow cap has similar cuts as the diamond ring. And the shape of the bottle is a nod to classic diamond cuts.

versace yellow diamond
versace yellow diamond

Yellow Diamond is a sparkling and airy floral scent for her that opens with fresh lemon, bergamot, neroli and pear sorbet. The crisp fruity notes blend seamlessly with luminous white floral ingredients of orange blossom, mimosa, freesia and water lily. Smooth soft woods, amber and musk add a gentle softness. There is an uplifting and joyful character to this scent.

Key ingredients: lemon, bergamot, neroli, pear sorbet, orange blossom freesia, mimosa, water lily, amber, precious musk, guaiac wood

Versace Yellow Diamond is available in Canada at, Sephora stores,, Shoppers Drug Mart stores,, Hudson’s Bay stores and select pharmacies.

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  • Daniela Sborlini
    June 16, 2023 at 8:52 pm

    Wore this fragrance today, as soon as I saw the ring I knew it would belong to Versace yellow diamond @daniela27

  • September Dee
    June 15, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    Love this fragrance!

  • Roberta MacQuarrie
    June 15, 2023 at 10:25 am

    I did guess right and it is also my favourite Versace fragrance. When I wear it, I always get compliments.

  • Angela Citrigno
    June 15, 2023 at 9:45 am

    I guessed correctly. If I remember correctly didn’t Gianni buy Donatella a yellow Diamond as a gift? When on the islands I always look at the canary yellow Diamond jewellery. After all a girl gets to dream. Come on lottery tickets 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 The photo of that ring is stunningly gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩 and Versace Yellow Diamond fragrance was my 1st Versace fragrance I purchase and I now only several. Versace Dylan Purple being my favourite, then Yellow Diamond and Dylan Blue 💜💛💙

  • Cheryl Royston
    June 15, 2023 at 8:35 am

    Ooooooh, I did not guess that correctly! lol

    June 15, 2023 at 7:38 am

    I guessed right.
    One of my faves