How long will your fragrance last?

How long will your fragrance last?

how long will your fragrance last?
how long will your fragrance last?

How long will my fragrance last once I open the package? That is the most common question we get from Scent Lodge followers. And it is a really important question considering the cost of fragrances today. Following the pandemic with supply chain issues, the cost of eau de parfums increased in Canada. For this reason, it is important that you enjoy every last drop in the bottle. Here is our Scent Lodge guide to understanding how long your fragrance will last.

Eau de Parfums: 12 months

Most fragrance houses will say that a fragrance will stay in peak condition for a full 12 months after you open the box. That is because there are certain preserving ingredients in the formula that keep the ingredients fresh. As long as you store your bottle in a cool, dark place, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a full year. After that, the ingredients can start to slowly break down over time. An eau de parfum won’t suddenly go bad on day 366. What happens is you might to notice that the fragrance doesn’t smell exactly as it used to. Botanical and fruit ingredients are usually the first to turn bad over time. Spices and woods last much longer. So if you have a spicy-woody scent, it will likely last longer than a citrus-floral one.

The Oxygen Factor

This is a really important tip to remember when asking yourself how long your favourite perfume will last. Look in the bottle and notice how much air is in the flacon. The more air in the bottle, the faster it will turn. That is because oxygen will cause the botanical ingredients to turn bad faster. When you see your bottle is less than half full, enjoy it as quickly as you can.

Perfumed Body Lotions: 8 months

Any scented product in a lotion format will turn faster than an alcohol-based one. That’s because bacteria can thrive in water-based products. It’s why you need to change your facial moisturizer or night creams every six months. Try to enjoy the product before the 8th month mark if possible.

After Shave Balms: 6 months

Much like perfumed body lotions, after shave balms are best used faster than eau de parfum concentrations. The water content of the formulas again can make them turn faster than fragrances. The other factor to consider is that these products are used on the facial skin which can be more sensitive.

Hair Mists: 10 to 12 months

Perfumed hair mists are composed to work on the keratin of the hair. Contrary to what some people say on social media, these mists don’t dry out or damage hair. They will stay in prime condition for up to a year before slowly starting to break down.

Perfumed Deo Sticks: 12 to 16 months

Canada ranks near the top for global perfumed deo stick sales. It’s a very popular product in this country. These products are designed to work for over a year. They can last much longer depending on the moisture content of the product.

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