How to store Fragrance

how to store fragrance
how to store fragrance

So you’ve just invested in a beautiful new fragrance and it has arrived at your home or apartment. How do you keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible? This is the question fragrance experts get asked most frequently. And rightfully so considering the cost of a good quality eau de parfum or eau de toilette. You want to enjoy every last drop. Scent Lodge has compiled the very best tips and procedures to help you keep your scent fresh as long as possible.

How long does a fragrance last today?

Once you open and unbox your fragrance, it will stay in good condition for a full 12 months thanks to preservatives in the composition. A scent is like food and perfumers use preservatives to keep it fresh for your enjoyment. Once you hit the 12 month mark, you may notice a slow decline in quality. You won’t suddenly find the perfume has gone bad. But it won’t smell exactly the same as it did when you opened the box. It is usually the citrus and floral notes that turn first and oxidize. They are more volatile in nature compared to the woody base notes. Our advice is to try to enjoy a fragrance within a year. When you speak with perfumers who create these wonderful scents, they blend them to be enjoyed daily. They get great pleasure to learn that scent enthusiasts enjoy their creations daily.

Store scents in a cool, dark place

The most important tip to helping your fragrances last longer is to store them in a cool, dark place such as a closet or a drawer away from direct sunlight and radiators. Sunlight is a prime enemy of fragrance. If UV rays pass through the glass fragrance bottle and reach the botanical ingredients in the scent, they can cause them the oxidize and spoil faster. Sunlight can even warp, damage and melt plastic bottles.

Avoid temperature swings

It is tempting to line up your fragrances on a shelf in the bathroom to show off their beautiful design. Some of today’s perfume flacons are little works of art and can double as home accessories. The trouble with displaying them in the bathroom is that the temperature in the room can fluctuate three degrees up and down thanks to steam from showers and bathtubs. This temperature swing can actually cut the lifespan of your scents by up to two months by damaging the chemical bonds within the scent. The best idea is to display the bottles once you have used all the fragrance in them.

Store in original box – upside down

Several top fragrance experts in France recommend that you keep the box the fragrance came in and use it for proper storage. These olfactory professionals store their scents upside down in the original boxes. This keeps the rubber seals at the top of the fragrance bottle neck from drying out and cracking. This keeps the liquid in constant contact with the rubber seal preventing the dreaded cracking which can cause leaks.

Keep from direct sunlight

Ultraviolet light is capable of breaking down almost anything over time, including fragrance molecules. Surprisingly, it isn’t the visible sunlight that damages scents, but  the unseen UVA, UVB and UVC rays – the same ones that cause sun damage in skin. These rays can break down chemical bonds and can spur oxidation of the fragrance. An opaque bottle is actually safer in protecting against UV damage. But to be safe, keep your fragrances away from window sills and direct sunlight.

Store in refrigerator

Compact fridges, like the kind college students install in their dorm rooms, have become popular of late for skincare enthusiasts who store their products in the cold temps to keep them fresher, longer. The same can be done with fragrances. In fact, if you visit a large fragrance and flavour lab, you will see rows of industrial-sized fridges that contain dozens of fragrance prototypes. Keeping a fragrance in a cool, consistent temperature away from light will definitely prolong its lifespan.

How to store purse sprays

Small purse sprays that contain anywhere from 10 ml to 30 ml worth of fragrance are ideal for popping in your bag when you are on-the-go or travelling. They make reapplying your signature scent quick and easy. The only issue you have to be aware of is heat damage. You never want to accidentally leave a purse spray in a hot car on a summer’s day when the temperature can exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Extreme heat can shorten the life of a fragrance considerably. Try to keep your purse sprays in moderate temperatures and again, away from direct sunlight.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll find your favourite fragrances will retain their original scent and stay fresher, longer.

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