Summer Scent Quiz

Summer Scent Quiz

Here are 20 fragrance-themed questions to test the true perfume fan.

summer scent quiz
summer scent quiz
  1. Why do fragrances smell stronger in summer months?
  2. What is the most popular colour to add to a fragrance today?
  3. What flower used in perfumery has the greatest number of fragrance molecules?
  4. What are the two flowers most commonly used in perfumery today?
  5. How many fragrances do many scent enthusiasts in the Middle East layer throughout the day in summer?
  6. What fragrance was launched with a three-story replica in New York’s Times Square where models danced, partied and posed around the clock?
  7. What is a scent blind spot?
  8. Name four ingredients commonly used in summer-themed fragrances.
  9. What can cause your fragrance to evaporate quicker in summer?
  10. What ingredient do perfumers use to create a cooling sensation on skin?
  11. Who is the most prolific Master perfumer working today?
  12. What is Cleopatra rumoured to have done to help seduce Marc Antony?
  13. Who created the first fragrances?
  14. What is the name for the area of science that studies the connection between fragrance and psychology?
  15. Cher is an icon and role model to a new generation of music fan. What was the name of her blockbuster 1987 fragrance and what is her favourite smell?
  16. Which American artist influenced the fashion designs and image of Gianni Versace?
  17. What is a ‘splash’?
  18. Where is the best place to store your fragrances in hot summer months?
  19. Name five “aromatic” ingredients used in perfumery. (hint, think spices)
  20. What part of the lemon is used by perfumers?


1 Perfume molecules expand when heated. So when the temperatures and humidity rise, the molecules in your favourite fragrance expand giving a stronger effect. That is why it is often a good idea to switch to a lighter, fresher concentration like an eau de toilette in summer. You can switch back when the temperature drops in autumn.

2 Light pink. Fragrance marketers have tested all shades of fragrance from pale yellow to soft blue to even black in Lady Gaga’s instance. Consumers react most positively to soft pink perfume. It’s the same with packaging. Pink gets the most enthusiastic response.

3 Rose actually contain hundreds of fragrance molecules with various olfactory characters. They contain a combination of rose oxide, which is metallic, geranyl acetate which is fruity-floral, citronellol, which is also present in lemongrass and nerol, present in neroli. There is even phenyl acetate which gives chocolate its sweetness. The result is that a rose fragrance can be layered in hundreds of ways. It’s the most sophisticated floral ingredient perfumers can access.

4 Jasmine and rose. Both floral ingredients appear in more than 80% of today’s fragrances for her.

5 It is not uncommon for both men and women in Middle Eastern countries to layer 8 to 12 fragrances throughout the day. They often have a tray of fragrances at the entrance to their homes. When leaving or arriving, they will pick one and spritz. Fragrance is incredibly important to daily life in this part of the world – hence the record-breaking perfume sales. Many fragrance houses create ultra-luxurious collections and parfums exclusively for this region.

6 ckone. Fashion house Calvin Klein built a three-story version of the ckone bottle with large cutouts revealing rooms. Models and DJs performed for a full week causing hundreds of tourists and pedestrians to stop and watch.

7 No two people smell things the same way because each of us has scent blind spots, meaning specific odors we can’t pick up on. That is why a fragrance can smell different to two people. Perfumers say that your sense of smell is like a muscle – the more you use it, the better it gets.

8 Tiare flower, guava, driftwood, coconut water, mandarin, jasmine, pineapple and orange blossom are frequently used in summer scents.

9 High body heat due to summer temperatures can cause the alcohol in perfumes to evaporate more quickly. For this reason, you may need to spritz more frequently.

10 Mint oil. The scent of mint creates a cooling sensation on skin and in the mind.

11 Alberto Morillas. The award-winning perfumer is a superstar in the world of fine perfumery. He’s rumoured to be the nose behind more than half of the designer fragrances launching these days. He’s the brainchild behind Versace’s bestselling Bright Crystal fragrance.

12 She is said to have greeted Antony on a boat with perfumed sails.

lotus flowers
lotus flowers

13 The first form of fragrance was incense, first made by the Mesopotamiams about 4,000 years ago. Ancient cultures burned a variety of resins and wood at their religious ceremonies. The Egyptians embraced incense and fragrances like rose about 3,000 BC. Citizens and rulers alike soaked their skin in elaborate baths scented with fragrant oils.

14 Aromachology. A study by the Olfactory Research Fund in New York actually found a 63% reduction in stress in patients undergoing MRI scans when vanilla scent was pumped into the air around them.

15 Uninhibited which was a global smash and a precursor to Jennifer Lopez and Brittany Spears’ success. Her all-time favourite smell is cake. Which is why you’ll find vanilla notes in her signature scents.

16 Andy Warhol

17 Splashes are very light, fresh scents meant to be ‘splashed’ liberally on your body during hot summer months. They were originally created using herbs and citrus notes like lemon or lime.

18 Your refrigerator. This keeps the temperature consistent and cool while keeping UV rays from interacting with the fragrance. Even better, you’ll get a cool sensation when spritzing.

19 basil, bay leaf, lavender, mint, rosemary, clary sage, green tea, thyme, star anise

20 the rind. Perfumers cold press the rind to extract a fragrant oil that is blended in men’s and women’s fragrances.

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