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  • papyrus

    Trending Note: Papyrus

    There’s an interesting ingredient trending in men’s fragrances this season that was hugely popular in ancient Egypt: papyrus. The grassy plant, known as Cyperus papyrus, has a wonderfully aromatic-woody aroma that…

  • Bvlgari Allegra Magnifying Essence: rose

    What Is A Magnifying Essence?

    What is a Magnifying Essence? Roman luxury brand Bvlgari has quietly launched one of the most innovative and truly fun fragrance concepts of the year: Allegra. Perfumer Jacques Cavallier blended five…

  • scent trend: violet leaf

    Scent Trend: Violet Leaf

    Scent Trend: Violet Leaf Having researched fall’s impressive list of fragrances, we’ve noticed a global scent trend that is really interesting. One common ingredient keeps popping up again and again: violet…

  • Scent Trend: Escapism

    Five emerging Scent Trends

    Five emerging scent trends: Much like cycles in fashion, music and interior design, notes and ingredients in perfumery move in and out of style over the decades. Each generation discovers its…