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  • purple freesia

    Trending: Purple Freesia

    Much like home décor and fashion trends, ingredients move in and out of style in the world of perfumery. Certain notes will become capture the imagination of perfumers around the globe…

  • scent trend: violet leaf

    Scent Trend: Violet Leaf

    Scent Trend: Violet Leaf Having researched fall’s impressive list of fragrances, we’ve noticed a global scent trend that is really interesting. One common ingredient keeps popping up again and again: violet…

  • a koala bear eating eucalyptus leaves

    Eucalpytus Scent Trend

    Eucalyptus Scent Trend One of the more interesting trends emerging in the world of perfumery is the rediscovery of eucalyptus oil. Niche perfumers in particular are blending in the clean aromatic…