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  • What's Your Spring Scent IQ?

    What’s Your Spring Scent IQ?

    What’s Your Spring Scent IQ? We love sharing our passion for fragrances and perfumery. And as we enter a new season, we thought it would be fun to offer another special…

  • spring scent quiz

    Scent Lodge Spring Scent Quiz

    Scent Lodge Spring Scent Quiz 1 What flower is celebrated throughout France on May 1st of each year? 2 What comes first? The design of the fragrance bottle or the creation…

  • fragrance trivia

    Fragrance Trivia

    Welcome to our Scent Lodge Fragrance Trivia Quiz. We’ve researched some truly fascinating facts and trivia that are guaranteed to delight and surprise even the most studied fragrance enthusiast. How many…

  • Scent Lodge Great Scent Quiz

    scent Lodge great scent quiz

    Great Scent Quiz 1          What part of the iris do perfumers use in fragrance creation? (hint: it isn’t the flower) 2          How long does a spritz of eau de parfum typically…