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  • lavender fields

    Why Lavender is Trending in Perfumery

    Why lavender is trending in perfumery When you think of trending ingredients in the global fragrance industry, gourmand notes like vanilla, cocoa and sweet benzoin immediately spring to mind. Or new…

  • papyrus

    Trending Note: Papyrus

    There’s an interesting ingredient trending in men’s fragrances this season that was hugely popular in ancient Egypt: papyrus. The grassy plant, known as Cyperus papyrus, has a wonderfully aromatic-woody aroma that…

  • Versace pour Homme

    Scent Trend: Ingredient Photo Squares

    Scent Trend: Ingredient Photo Squares When the global pandemic hit, retailers were already noticing a big uptick in online fragrance sales. A new generation of consumer was researching scents online, watching…

  • Versace men's fashion look

    NEW Versace Eros Parfum

    Versace’s global bestselling Eros fragrance for him now comes in its strongest concentration yet: a parfum edition One of the most interesting global fragrance trends of the past year is the…

  • Bvlgari Allegra Magnifying Essence: rose

    What Is A Magnifying Essence?

    What is a Magnifying Essence? Roman luxury brand Bvlgari has quietly launched one of the most innovative and truly fun fragrance concepts of the year: Allegra. Perfumer Jacques Cavallier blended five…

  • scent trend: violet leaf

    Scent Trend: Violet Leaf

    Scent Trend: Violet Leaf Having researched fall’s impressive list of fragrances, we’ve noticed a global scent trend that is really interesting. One common ingredient keeps popping up again and again: violet…