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    Trending Note: Pear

    Move over lemon, there is a new fruit in favour with perfumers this season and it features a unique aroma. Juicy pear boasts a scent that is sweet, fruity and slightly…

  • 20 inspiring quotes about perfume

    20 Inspiring Quotes about Perfume

    20 Inspiring Quotes about Perfume “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume, has no future.” – Coco Chanel “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the…

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    The Gen Z Fragrance Phenomenon

    The Gen Z Fragrance Phenomenon You could say the global fragrance industry is experiencing a ‘youthquake’. That’s because Gen Z is reimagining how we experience and enjoy fragrances at all price…

  • Make your fragrances last longer

    22 Tips to make your fragrance last longer

    22 Tips To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer Luxury fragrance is an investment. You not only take the time to research and test numerous brands, you spend your hard-earned money on…

  • MCM x Sambypen Collector's Edition Fragrance
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    MCM x Sambypen Collector’s Edition Fragrance

    MCM x Sambypen Collector’s Edition Fragrance Sneak Peek: German luxury fashion house MCM, renowned for its premium backpacks, is unveiling a limited edition artist collaboration graffiti-adorned bottle of its signature Eau…

  • autumn's must read

    Autumn’s Must read

    Autumn’s Must Read When perfumer’s begin to compose a new fragrance, many imagine creating the ultimate flower bouquet. They dream the perfect blooms and greens that will blend seamlessly into the…

  • Brunch-worthy fragrances

    4 Brunch-worthy fragrances

    Brunch-worthy Scents If brunch on a patio is on the agenda for this weekend, Scent Lodge has handpicked four fragrances that will work beautifully for the occasion. When it comes to…