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Your Fragrance Horoscope

your fragrance horoscope
your fragrance horoscope

What does your Fragrance Horoscope have in store for you?

For centuries, world leaders, philosophers, artists and business entrepreneurs have looked to the stars for direction and guidance in the realms of commerce, love, health and finance. The art of tracking constellation and planetary positions has been revered by countless civilizations and has been handed down from generation-to-generation. This ancient practice was enthusiastically embraced in the world of fashion and design including perfumery. Christian Dior relied on his astrologer with all aspects of his work and life. In fact, he wouldn’t schedule a fashion show or perfume launch until he consulted his astrological charts. Couturier Elsa Schiaparelli incorporated zodiac imagery in many of her collections as did Dior. Coco Chanel was superstitious when it came to numerology and astrology. And Paco Rabanne doesn’t make any important decision before consulting his planetary charts.

Horoscope enthusiasts will tell you they believe planetary energies can help make a task or event flow smoothly or cause friction. Certain days of the month can assist in creative endeavours and others are more suited to quiet contemplation. What is fascinating is that the 12 zodiac signs based on birthdate do accurately highlight personality traits and personalities of individuals. Scorpios can be stubborn. Pisces can be creative dreamers. Look closely at your best friends and the characteristics of their zodiac sign will likely ring true.

So it makes sense that zodiac signs can point to preferred fragrance notes and styles. Cancer is a water sign and those born under that astrological sign are often described as shy, good listeners, deep thinkers and reflective. With that in mind, any aquatic note such as “calone” which mimics the scent of an ocean breeze is likely to please. Soft, quiet water lily also has a similar mood. On the other hand, Aries is a fire sign. Those born under that zodiac sign are courageous, fun-loving and curious. So any scent note with heat will energize. Look for a kick of ginger or pink pepper in a fragrance.

Astrological characteristics are a fun way to help you discover signature scents that complement your personality and traits. Join us as we navigate the heavens to help you find fragrances that complement your sense of self. Let’s dive into the astrological calendar wheel to find your fragrance horoscope.

Your Fragrance Horoscope

scorpio fragrance horoscope

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Water sign

Symbol: scorpion

Flower: chrysanthemum

The mystic

Gemstone: citrine

Season: autumn

Personality: intuitive, determined, engaging, passionate, reflective, secretive, disciplined, protective.

Recommended scent styles: Floral-oriental, woods, modern ouds

Suggested fragrance notes: oud, vetiver, cedarwood, rose

Your fragrance horoscope:

You exude a natural confidence and magnetism, Scorpio, which can serve you well in business and your career path. You have the ability to be laser-focused on projects and your enthusiasm for your passions is infectious. People want to work with you. For this reason, you love watching Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank for the thrill of the pitch. There is nothing you love more than tackling a new project from start to finish allowing you to excel in management and sales.

Your zodiac sign is a water sign so you have a deeper side to your personality and life that you often keep hidden from everyone except your closest friends.  You can be secretive until friends and coworkers earn your trust. You have the ability to size up people’s motives quickly. Not surprisingly, you care deeply about justice, equality and fair play.

Scorpios are secretly romantic and passionate so fragrances with spice or a little oud can be very complementary. Start with exploring Oriental style scents (spicy) as they have an air of intrigue and a sultriness. There are beautiful modern woody-oriental, floral-oriental and spicy-orientals that will interest you. Each plays up a specific note or ingredient.

Rose is also an ingredient to investigate. But look for rose-themed fragrances with a twist. Search out spicy rose notes or those with a deep character such as good-quality Bulgarian rose oil.

Sandalwood, cedar and particularly vetiver are also great choices. White musk often appeals to Scorpios because it has a quiet sexiness to it.

When scent shopping, look for complex and layered scents that slowly reveal their character over time capture your interest and imagination. Test fragrances on your skin for a full 20 minutes to allow them to interact with your skin chemistry and reveal their true character. Like you, fragrances reveal their secrets over time.

Suggested scents: , , ,

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Fire sign

Symbol: centaur

Flower: narcissus

The philosopher

Gemstone: blue topaz

Season: autumn

Personality: optimistic, enjoys the great outdoors, adventurous, appreciates nature, loves travelling, values learning new things and meeting new people, craves freedom, fun to be around, highly intelligent, very creative, spiritually inclined

Recommended scent styles: bright florals, fruity-florals, citrus scents

Suggested fragrance notes: bergamot, mandarin, Calabrian lemon, grapefruit, woods

Your fragrance horoscope:

You are a genuinely happy soul, Sagittarius, and you lighten any room with your presence. Honest and generous, you love adventures of all types and make the most of every moment. There is nothing you like more than a walk in the sunshine through a park or along a lake. Spending time in nature restores your energy and fuels your soul.

So you respond best to uplifting and happy fragrance notes such as Calabrian lemon, bergamot, mandarin and pink grapefruit. Sparkling notes like champagne intuitively make you feel like partying. With that in mind, start with citrus or fruity-floral scents with these notes. Trust your instincts and go with what instantly uplifts your spirit. You may want to look for a hint of green or woody notes like cedarwood or sandalwood as it will remind you of the great outdoors.

You love to travel so scent plays an important role in creating fragrant memories for you. You instinctively remember the heavenly scent of walking through a rose garden in summer. Or the scent of baking bread in a café. So buying a new fragrance takes on a different meaning for you. It’s to create scent memories.

Suggested scents: , , ,

capricorn fragrance horoscope

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Earth sign

Symbol: the goat

Flower: carnation

The planner

Season: winter

Gemstone: garnet

Personality: excellent planners, goal-oriented, self-disciplined, often great teachers, leaders and scientists, family-oriented, good with numbers

Recommended scent styles: florals, chypres, gourmands

Suggested fragrance notes: amber, musk, iris, vanilla

Your fragrance horoscope:

You, Capricorn, are a loyal and valued friend offering great advice and support. You are a natural nurturer and have the ability to bring out the best in everyone. Have you noticed that people feel comfortable around you? Friends are coworkers will confide in you and often ask for your opinion on life challenges. This is in part because of your ability to plan. There is nothing you enjoy more than researching a topic and discovering all the fascinating details. So when it comes to finding a signature scent, you take your time. Spend some time in a fragrance department and try two or three fragrances on your wrists. Allow the scents to unfold over a 30-minute timeframe. Then record your impressions and thoughts. You’ll enjoy the scent shopping process this way and make sound decisions.

Of course, for all your planning, you hide a flirtatious, sexy side. So while day you respond to comforting, cocooning scents for day, for evening you like a little sexy kick. You want to satisfy both sides of your personality.

Suggested scent for day: Bvlgari Eau Parfumeé Thé Blanc, Kierin-NYC Sunday Brunch, Oscar de la Renta Bella Essence, Coach Eau de Parfum for her

Suggested scent for evening: Versace Crystal Noir


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Air sign

Symbol: a man who carries a pitcher of water

Flower: orchid

The revolutionary

Season: winter

Gemstone: amethyst

Personality: friendly, sensitive, loves socializing, great communicators, generous, dedicated, humanitarians, deep concern for the welfare of others, emotional, patient, tolerant, make great teachers and relief aid workers, energetic, talented, wonderful people skills

Recommended scent style: florals

Suggested fragrance notes: modern lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, vanilla, honey

Your fragrance horoscope:

You Aquarius, are one of the friendliest signs in the zodiac. Sensitive, dedicated and patient, you are a natural teacher. You are the first person to help out a friend in need. And you have deep concern for the welfare of others. What’s special about Aquarians is they have the ability to bring people of different opinions and backgrounds together. You are natural diplomats.

With your sensitive nature and love of communicating, lily of the valley is a note worth exploring. Did you know that on May 1st of every year, flower merchants sell bouquets of the flower, called muguet in France, on the street corners. Parisians buy the flowers and present them to their loved ones as a symbol of affection and friendship. This goes to the heart of your personality. You care deeply for your family and friends and look to scents that reflect this belief. Look for modern interpretations of lily of the valley that are softer and more refined than the versions beloved by our grandmothers. This note is romantic and soft.

When it comes to fragrance shopping, trust your nose. You intuitively know what is right for you – regardless of styles and trends. Beautiful florals and warm gourmands are good bets as they appeal to everyone – just like your personality.

Suggested scents: , , Boucheron for Women, Van Cleef & Arpels Orchidee Vanille


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Water sign

Symbol: fish

Flower: water lily

The dreamer

Season: winter

Gemstone: aquamarine

Personality: imaginative, creative, artistic, likeable, sensitive, tremendously dedicated, loyal, happy and vibrant personality, deeply caring, empathetic, kind

Recommended scent style: aquatic, woods, citrus

Suggested fragrance notes: calone, pear, sea air accord, water lily, vetiver

Your fragrance horoscope:

Your creativity leads you to explore a wide range of fragrances. This journey is often fueled by your reading and film-viewing habits that can whisk you away to exotic locations and fascinating cultures. A novel set in the tropics can set you searching for scents with tiare flower and exotic fruit notes. Then, a historical romance set in Asia can point you in the direction of a rich Oriental fragrance. The world is your oyster and you enjoy it through the tapestry of your mind.

With such a rich imagination, you like to change up your fragrances regularly to suit your mood and current obsessions. Sheer and exotic wood notes with harmonies of cedar, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood are likely to appeal to you. Add in some exotic spice notes and you have a cinematic evening scent. The zest of lemons, mandarins and bergamot will whisk you away on an olfactory vacation to the Amalfi Coast.

Of course, this extreme creativity demands balance, so being a water sign, you can crave gentle aquatic scents. Have you noticed that you are drawn to the sea for vacations? Oceans, lakes and rivers create a sense of calm and harmony in you and these water scents remind you of that. Marine notes created in the 1990s to evoke soft ocean breezes will restore and rejuvenate.

Suggested scents: Versace Eau Fraiche Pour Homme, Bvlgari au parfumée thé blanc, Bvlgari Aqva Marine, Missoni Wave, Montblanc Legend Spirit


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Fire sign

Symbol: the ram

Flower: honeysuckle

The trailblazer

Season: spring

Gemstone: diamond

Personality: straightforward and honest, good leaders, determined, courageous, willful, curious, full of vitality, love a little competition “live hard, play hard”

Recommended scent styles: grand florals, floral orientals, aromatics

Suggested fragrance notes: jasmine, tuberose, May rose, gardenia, honeysuckle

Suggested scent: , Coach Floral Blush, Missoni Pour Homme

taurus fragrance horoscope

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Earth sign

Symbol: the bull

Flower: poppy

The grower

Season: spring

Gemstone: emerald

Personality: outgoing and very focused, great sense of humour, willing to work hard, appreciates stability, drawn to the natural world, very loyal friend, sensual

Recommended scent styles: Mossy Woods, fruity-green, floral

Suggested fragrance notes: Granny Smith apple, oak moss, patchouli, raspberry, neroli

Your fragrance horoscope:

You Taurus, are the salt of the earth. Your down-to-earth personality and common sense is a sanctuary during turbulent times. Friends and family are drawn to your grounded nature and stability. You prove that anyone can succeed with hard work and determination. And when the mood becomes too serious, you lighten it with a joke.

When it comes to finding a signature scent, look to the natural world to start. Any ingredient grown in the earth will resonate with your character. Oakmoss, patchouli and amber create a warmth and comfort that will appeal. Green notes, like the scent of fresh-cut grass and violet leaves will remind you of spending time outdoors in a beautiful park or sitting under a tree. Balance these earthy notes will a hint of rose or a green apple note.

Recommended fragrances: DSquared2 RED WOOD, Trussardi Riflesso, Bvlgari MAN Wood Neroli, Atkinsons Scilly Neroli


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Air sign

Symbol: twins

Flower: lavender

The talker

Season: spring

Gemstone: pearl

Personality: charming, strong communicators with the ability to see situations from both sides, loves learning, adventurous, sociable, curious, creative, artistic

Recommended scent styles: rich white florals, florientals, floral-gourmands

Suggested scent notes: jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom, tonka bean, benzoin

You are the master of the grand entrance! When you walk into a room, Gemini, all eyes are on you. Your gregarious personality instantly lightens any room and you have the ability to bring together groups of people with different backgrounds, interests and cultures. For this reason, your friends treasure your friendship.

You appreciate glamour and glitz and revel in beautiful surroundings. Have you noticed that you often stop to take in a beautiful view or architecturally-interesting building? Nothing pleases you more than spending a weekend afternoon strolling through an art gallery or museum.  House tours give you great pleasure as well as you have a passion for design. You love watching HGTV home renovation shows.

With this in mind, you approach fragrance shopping from an aesthetic point of view. Before you’ve even taken a sniff of a fragrance, you’ve selected the most ornate and decorative bottle. It has to be a feast for the eyes as well as the nose.

When shopping for scents, look for scents with gardenia or orange blossom. These clean, white flowers have a chic elegance to their character. They work for day and for evening.

Suggested scents: Moschino Toy2, Versace Eros, Atkinsons Jasmine in Tangerine, Chopard Magnolia au Vétiver d’Haiti


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Water sign

Symbol: the crab

Flower: aganthus

The empath

Season: summer

Gemstone: ruby

Personality: emotional and empathetic, makes a great friend, nurturer, courageous, can be shy, makes an excellent listener, dependable, honest

Recommended scent styles: gourmands, light florals, orientals

Suggested scent notes: vanilla, tea, bergamot, lavender

Nothing gives you more pleasure, Cancer, than spending time baking a dozen butter tarts or a lemon poppyseed cake in your kitchen while chatting with friends. You love to try new recipes and then share the delicious results with neighbours. What’s special about you is the ability to keep everything in perspective. You know what matters in life: friends, family and neighbours. And you take the time to nurture and appreciate these relationships.

Because you are naturally empathetic, you have a keen love of reading. You enjoy disappearing into a novel on a rainy Sunday afternoon or watching a documentary at an independent movie theatre.

So, when it comes to shopping for fragrances, you respond positively to comforting notes. Good quality vanilla with a rich, faceted character will bring you joy. A hint of caramel or cocoa in a fragrance will make you smile. Look for scents with tea or coffee notes as well. One sniff will remind you of good times sitting around the kitchen table with good friends.

Suggested scents: Chopard Vanille de Madagascar, Bvlgari Eau Parfumeé Thé Vert,


Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Fire sign

Symbol: the lion

The showman

Gemstone: peridot

Season: summer

Personality: warm and high spirited, ambitious, loves to work in groups, protective, appreciates beauty & luxury, proud, values relaxation and vacations, natural leaders, warm and engaging personalities

Recommended scent styles: citrus, floral, woody

Suggested scent notes: lemon, orange flower, iris, sandalwood, vanilla

Your fragrance horoscope:

If you were to write you memoirs, Leo, the title would most certainly be “the art of living well”.

Your attention to detail and presentation is flawless and you have the ability to coordinate clothing beautifully. That is because you have a keen appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. You don’t buy designer labels for the status. You buy them for the artisans who meticulously craft each jacket, bag and fragrance. The most fulfilling vacations for you are the ones where you explore foreign countries and learn how their artists work. Studying with a master vintner in France allows you to enjoy fine wines when dining in a Michelin star restaurant.

For this reason, shopping for fragrances for you is about quality and artistry. You spend the time to research and understand how the scents are blended and the quality of the ingredients. You’ll spend a little more to get a premium scent.

Start your search with the exclusive collections where the fragrance houses allow the perfumers to source and buy the very highest grade of iris, vanilla, rose absolue and jasmine. Look for master perfumers such as Alberto Morillas, Olivier Cresp or Dora Bagriche who are amongst the best in the world. Enjoy the experience of slowly discovering your signature scent.

Suggested scents: , Bvlgari Le Gemme Opalon, , Coach Floral, Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Earth sign

Symbol: the maiden

The purist

Gemstone: sapphire

Season: summer

Personality: cool, calm clarity, has a keen sense of justice always thinking and assessing, loves creating and nurturing projects, very detail-oriented, goodnatured, excellent listener., loves to create, kind and patient, loyal and committed.

Recommended scent styles: floral orientals, floral woody, aquatic

Suggested scent notes: lavender, rose, peony, mandarin, cedar, musk

Your fragrance horoscope:

You, Virgo, are a tastemaker. A dinner party in your home becomes a work of art thanks to your quirky sense of style and attention to detail. You like classics but with a twist. Ambience is important to your lifestyle and you take the time to set a mood with music, lighting and décor. It could be as simple as assembling a row of candles along a table or arranging bouquets of flowers in mason jars. You bring a sense of style to everything you do.

Since you were born under an earth sign, you have the ability to stay grounded and retain a sense of clarity to your life. And it is this clarity that directs your fragrance purchases. First and foremost, the scent must be in the best taste. You don’t gravitate to any scent that feels fabricated or gimmicky. You want elegance and refinement. Start your search for fragrances with peony or rose notes. Grasse roses picked after sitting in the warm summer sun can have a honeyed flavour which would delight you. Good quality peony contains a depth that will also appeal to you.

Suggested scents: Moschino Toy2, Bvlgari Rose Goldea, , Montblanc Explorer


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Air sign

Symbol: the scales

Flower: rose

The peacemaker

Gemstone: opal

Season: autumn

Personality: balanced, appreciates beauty, high energy, loves harmony, natural mediators, charming and gregarious.

Recommended scent styles: florals of all types

Suggested scent notes: rose, orange flower, ylang ylang, iris

There’s a reason your signature flower is a rose, Libra. That is because you are a natural gardener. Even if you live in the heart of the city, you make the effort to have a small bouquet of fresh flowers on the kitchen table and a few pots of begonias or hydrangea on the patio. In fact, one of the best gifts you can give a Libra is a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

With this love or horticulture, scent shopping becomes an exploration of floral and green notes. Look for modern floral fragrances that blend rose, orange flower, lily of the valley and ylang ylang. You like variety so a grand bouquet of flowers is what will please your sense of smell.

Violet leaf is a green note worth investigating because it adds depth to any floral scent. It smells a little like cut grass and enlivens a scent.

Of course, for all of your good taste, you have a little flirtatious side to you. That is why a little rose or jasmine will give you a lift. It’s perfect for date night.

Suggested scents: Bvlgari Splendida Jasmin Noir, Missoni Parfum pour homme, Bvlgari Rose Goldea, Jimmy Choo L’Eau, Van Cleef & Arpels California Reverie

your fragrance horoscope
your fragrance horoscope

Now that you’ve discovered your fragrance horoscope, why not find out your signature scent number? Find out all about Scent Numerology here.

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