Your Perfect Scent Wardrobe

Your Perfect Scent Wardrobe

Romain Poquet, senior fragrance development manager at fragrance house Firmenich has a strategy for you to get the most enjoyment out of every scent in your collection. Having developed an expertise in an extensive range of products from fine fragrances to personal care, he has a keen understanding of how fragrances perform under different circumstances.

Romain Poquet
Romain Poquet

Born in the birthplace of perfumery, the South of France, to Spanish and French partents, Romain’s passion for perfumery was imprinted at childhood. He was exposed to perfumery’s prize raw materials at a young age: the mimosa, lavender, jasmine, and roses that grew in his parent’s garden, wild ylang ylang and fresh cut vetiver at his aunt’s house on the island of La Reunion. These scent memories fueled his future.

Romain actually studied to become a food engineer, but upon graduating, the scents in his subconscious drew him to the famous ISIPCA school in Versailles, where he earned his Masters in Fragrance Formulation. His olfactory training spanned more than 1,000 raw materials and hundreds of fine fragrances. He serves as one of the leaders in olfactive training for the Masters in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing at FIT.

“One of the most important things you can do to get more enjoyment from your fragrances is to switch them up regularly,” he explains. “That is because our sense of smell is bombarded with thousands of smells each day. After a while, your nose will stop registering a fragrance you wear daily. It literally saves its energy for new smells.” For this reason, Romain recommends rotating five different fragrances in your collection throughout the week. “The more you wear just one scent, the less you recognize it.”

“I have seven scents in my wardrobe. I use four for work, one for classy evening events, one for weekend, and one to wear at my yoga classes. I don’t like to smell the people around me so I have a light, clean scent that works for exercise.”

You might want to test out this theory by investing in a fragrance discovery or miniature kit from your favourite brand. Try wearing a different scent each day and notice how much you can smell it. It can be an eye-opening experience. Try working in your favourite signature scent throughout the week on a day and see if you notice it more. We guarantee you’ll smell it more throughout the day.

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